1. NFC Edge Cases and Past Transgressions

    First of all, if Fallout Boy wants to use this title for one of their songs, please contact my agent. Second, and more importantly, the Vancouver metro system was/is affected by a bug that can be expl…Read More

  2. Patching BL/BLX instructions in ARM

    We are often looking at ARM binaries in our favorite disassembler as we work on mobile applications and "Internet of Things" devices. As we worked on this binary we discovered a particular branch inst…Read More

  3. Bitcoin Protocol and “Low Risk” bugs

    Low risk security issues can kill you. It isn’t that they come out and stab you in the heart, it is more a soft death of many cuts. You may not even know you are bleeding. Mosquito saliva has an ane…Read More

  4. The Irony of Malware

    So much for a relaxing Monday morning blogging session. I’ve been wanting to write something about the recent electronic attacks against the NY Times and other news papers. I don’t like to write b…Read More

  5. Look Ma! Dotless Domain Names!

    Making small changes to complex high availability systems can have extreme consequences. When these systems provide critical services to the entire planet – like, say, the Domain Name System – eve…Read More